Floral Design in Madrid

Floral decoration for wedding and events

In Savia Bruta we are florists. We believe that nature offers an unlimited supply of artistic inspiration. Our goal is to achieve floral distinction from selling flowers online throughout Spain, to floral decoration of weddings and events. We work to transmit our passion for the natural world through our floral designs.


Love what you do. Creating an online floristry in Spain has always been our motivation.  We are a floral workshop producing unique centerpieces daily in Madrid delivering them to the doorsteps throughout Spain. We are concious of the privledge of being able to create with our own hands, develpoing our ideas for your necessities.


We go above and beyond for our brides.  We are proud to create original bridal bouquets and floral decoration for wedding in Madrid and throughour Spain. In Savia Bruta, each wedding and each couple are unique, as each bridal bouquet is a unique piece in which we take care of every single detail.


Respecting our environment. A goal of ours is to use fair trade flowers and plants, as well as organic and biodegradable materiales. Savia Bruta, nature made design.

Creating original floral decoration in Madrid and throughout Spain


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Send flowers to Madrid and the entire peninsula. From Barcelona to Extremadura and everything in between, we offer an online store dedicated to our unique floral designs. 


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In Savia Bruta we believe that the best form to guide you is to develop your ideas together with our creativity.


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Come and get to know our store:

Travesía del reloj 4

28013 Madrid

12:00 - 19:00 Monday - Friday

11:00 - 14:00 Saturday

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From the first leaf to the last bud, Savia Bruta wants to be involved in the the ideal project for your ocasion.




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    L A  N A T U R A L E Z A  H E C H A  D I S E Ñ O

Travesía del reloj 4, 28013 Madrid


Tel: +34 670.313.895